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'Living in the City': Housing Affordability in Cincinnati

Friday, March 6th, 2020


8:30am-2:30pm at the African American Cultural & Resource Center
on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, 60 West Charlton St., Cincinnati, OH

Sponsored by the The Taft Research Center and the College of Arts & Sciences

Keynote Address by Dr. Prentiss A. Dantzler

Prentiss A. Dantzler, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Urban Studies Institute at Georgia State University. His research examines how and why neighborhoods change and how communities and policymakers create and react to those changes. Prentiss’ research has appeared in a number of academic venues including Housing Studies, Urban Affairs Review and Sociology of Race and Ethnicity as well as popular media outlets such as The Huffington Post. He also serves on the editorial board for City and Community.

Symposium Schedule


Light Breakfast




Session 1: Student Presentations
Dr. Tia Shereé Gaynor’s Public Administration Class 
Dr. Brandi Blessett’s Public Administration Class 
Katelyn Lusher, PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition, Cincinnati Project Fellow 
Prof. Bob Hyland’s English Class


Session 2: “How to Do Community Good In Spaces Not Intended To Be Part Of The Community”?
Dr. Brandi Blessett, Associate Professor of Political Science 
Prof. Bob Hyland, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Rebecca Wingo, Assistant Professor in History
Aalap Bommaraju, PhD Candidate in Sociology, Ohio Policy Evaluation Network
Moderator: Dr. Tia Shereé Gaynor, Co- Director of The Cincinnati Project


Session 3: TCP Symposium Community Forum on Housing
Representative Sedrick Denson, Ohio District 33
Elaina Johns-Wolfe, PhD Candidate in Sociology, Housing Researcher
Steven Sharpe, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati
Belinda Tubbs-Wallace, Principal of Rockdale Academy
Moderator: Christina Brown, UC Alum, Community Activist, Writer, Housing Advocate




Keynote Address: Dr. Prentiss A. Dantzler
This talk centers on unpacking the ways in which housing is vital to community stability. Given the more recent attention to key issues of affordability and evictions, many fail to realize how housing is related to racial violence. The role of housing in perpetuating racial inequality will be examined while illuminating some of the tools different communities have used to secure places to call home. 


Closing Remarks

The Cincinnati Project holds an annual symposium in order to present research findings, discuss issues related to community-engaged research, connect with partners and educators in the local community, and invite a keynote speaker to engage the audience in relevant discussion.

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