Streetvibes Archive Project: Preserving Cincinnati Activism

Streetvibes has published social justice and activist-oriented material for over 20 years from its distributors, prominent local activists, and community members who may not have a voice otherwise. Without a strong digital archive, however, those voices disappear once an issue goes out of print and their activism stops circulating. TCP Fellow Katelyn Lusher is producing a digital archive, and hopes to highlight the people behind Streetvibes and their efforts to speak out about topics that mainstream outlets rarely cover in much depth, such as homelessness and racial injustice.
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UC Students Evaluate Program & Have Fun!

Dr. Sara Williams, Scott Stoll, Dr. Farrah Jacquez, Dr. Carlie Trott, and a group of 14 University of Cincinnati students partnered with Parker Woods Montessori to implement and assess Dream It! A Playbook to Spark Your Awesomeness. The Dream It! Playbook was created by Dr. Sara Williams and Scott Stoll with the intention to teach children to become more aware of their dreaming capabilities. The goal of the UC student facilitators was to collect data from the participants from Parker Woods Montessori and track their dreaming progress through a pre/post survey, each chapter of the Dream It! Playbook, and a survey made specifically for this study. The study occurred over a nine-week period. Each week, throughout each meeting and chapter covered, we saw growth in mindset and hopefulness in most participants.
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What Is and What Can Be: Women of Color and the Struggle for Justice in Cincinnati​

The exhibit features voices that reflect the diversity of women of color’s experiences in Cincinnati. Those who attend the exhibit can read the words and use headphones to hear the voices of well-known activists as well as anonymous women who have faced violence and other challenges. The exhibit shares the stories of black women and Latinx women, Cincinnati-born women and women who moved to Cincinnati, cisgender as well as trans women. Visitors can take home small books that have more information about women’s experiences and suggestions about how to get involved.
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High School Student Scientists Working in Communities​

While the Opioid Crisis is making headlines across the United States, communities in and around Cincinnati have been hit particularly hard. “Growing Community Change Researchers in STEM”, a project funded by a Science Education Partnership Award by the National Institute of Health, aims to let student researchers gain real world research experience as they investigate innovative ways to address the opioid crisis within their communities. For this project, “Growing Community Change Researchers in STEM” will be working with students and teachers at two high schools. One is Princeton High School in Cincinnati and the other is Manchester High School in Manchester Ohio.
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WOC Initiative Project Highlight- Mapping Eviction​

There is amazing work-in-progress emerging in The Cincinnati Project’s 2018 initiative to highlight the experiences and voices of women of color, funded by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. One highlight is the work of Elaina Johns-Wolfe and the students in her Urban Society sociology course. They are partnering with Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) and Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio to illuminate the experiences of eviction in our community.
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Communities Acting for Kids Empowerment (CAKE)​

In September 2016, UC Psychology department faculty member Farrah Jacquez, New Prospect Baptist Church community organizer Jamie-Lee Morris, and American Academy of Family Physicians geographer Michael Topmiller were chosen as Interdisciplinary Research Leaders (IRL) by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The IRL program has facilitated the formation of Communities Acting for Kids Empowerment (CAKE), a team of early childhood stakeholders in the neighborhoods of Carthage and Roselawn.
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Working Together to Refresh the Collaborative Agreement​

In 2017 UC Prof. Brian Robert Calfano, Ph.D. and Shaonta’ Allen, a second year doctoral student in Sociology, worked on a research project aimed at refreshing the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement.
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Communication and Contemporary Issues Capstone Class Collaborates with the CAIN organization​

In Spring 2016, Dr. Shaunak Sastry taught a section of an undergraduate Communication course as community-partnered and research-intensive. Thanks to some great connections fostered by the Cincinnati Project leadership, the class partnered with the Rainbow Choice Food Pantry operated by the Churches Active in Northside (CAIN) organization.
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Community Psychology Class Collaborates with the Cincinnati Health Department

In the first UC Community Psychology class offered in Spring of 2016, Farrah Jacquez and her students worked with Dr. Jenny Mooney, Director of Maternal and Infant Health at the Cincinnati Health Department (CHD), to investigate the effectiveness of a reproductive health toolkit they have developed to educate individuals about birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and reproductive life planning.
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Investigating the healthcare experiences of Latino immigrants in Cincinnati​

Latinos Unidos por la Salud (LU-Salad) is a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) partnership between academic researchers and Latino immigrants in Cincinnati that aims to promote health equity for Latino families. Latino immigrants have received research training and collaborate as a Community Research Team to develop research questions, design and implement interventions, and disseminate research into the community. By partnering with the Community Research Team, we have better access to traditionally marginalized and “hidden communities” while empowering a group of enthusiastic community members to drive change through research. LU-Salud projects have been funded by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. Funding from the National Institutes of Health is currently under review.
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Communication Graduate Students Collaborate with the Cancer Justice Network​

Danielle Bessett, UC Sociology Assistant Professor, speaks out on abortion safety and clinic access in an amicus brief filed to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding a controversial Texas abortion law. This brief is in support of Whole Women’s Health.
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Cities for CEDAW​

University of Cincinnati Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) faculty members Anne Runyan, Amy Lind and Deb Meem, along with WGSS affiliate Jan Fritz, are representing UC in the Cities for CEDAW initiative in Cincinnati.
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